How to Handle HVAC Problems during the Summer

During the rolling seasons of the year, the comfort of a home relies on the operation of an HVAC system that has primarily two functions--to heat and to cool. Your heater and air conditioner work hard all year to keep your home comfortable. We at Shriver Mechanical, Inc. would like to give you some tips on dealing with the specific problems you will face with your HVAC, particularly during the summer season.


Generally, the summer is a time to give your heater a break and focus on your air conditioning. Of course, because your heating and air conditioning share many of the same delivery components (like the duct system), general maintenance can be beneficial for both functions. If a cold spell should require sudden starting up of your heater, the maintenance you performed will benefit this. The late summer/early fall is a good time to perform maintenance or replace parts on heater units to be well prepared for the coming cold season--the start of which can sometimes vary. 

Air Conditioning 

The problems you will face in the summer will have to do mainly with the air conditioning function. The following are problems you might face with solutions for minimizing these.  

  • Increased Workload

To prepare for the heavy workload your HVAC unit will face during the hot summer months, ensuring that all components are clean and in good repair (replacing parts as needed) is the best way to prevent your HVAC from being overworked. Make sure ducts are clean, filters are replaced during the spring, and outdoor units are clean and clear of obstructive vegetation that could get into the works. 

  • Spikes in Temperature

First of all, make sure to set your temperature to the level you desire for comfort. Setting it colder than you want it, thinking it will cool things down faster, doesn't work. Use a programmable thermostat so as not to waste energy while you are away from home or asleep. If there is a hot or cold streak in temperature or a sudden spike in degrees, some HVAC units even allow you to adjust temperature from your smartphone.  

  • Higher Power Bills

Keeping comfortable and saving money while you're doing so is the goal. If your HVAC system is clean and in good repair it will use less energy to maintain desired temperatures. Setting thermostats as recommended above, or according to unit operation manuals, will also help you to save money while keeping comfortable all summer long. Look for expert HVAC service in Marietta to help you with this.