A Checklist for Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

Proper air conditioning maintenance in Kennesaw is the best way to keep your system running efficiently and prevent frequent breakdowns and premature replacement. The best way to maintain your HVAC system is to do regular spring and fall maintenance, in addition to regularly changing the filters. If you're not sure exactly what seasonal maintenance includes, these tips can make sure you do the most important things.

Spring Maintenance

Spring maintenance basically just means you get the air conditioning ready for the upcoming summer. Spring maintenance includes cleaning around the outdoor compressor unit, so debris that has built up during the winter is cleared away. If weeds and other vegetation have already started growing, be sure to clear them away as well. It's important for the area around the AC to be clear in order to run correctly. Many items on the spring maintenance checklist are actually best left to professionals because of their technical nature. Here are the important items you should have the professionals check when looking at your air conditioning in Kennesaw:

·         Cleaning: The evaporator and condenser coils need to be cleaned in order for the AC to run efficiently. Dirty coils not only reduce the efficiency of your system which causes higher energy use and bills, but they can also place more stress on your AC causing damage and reducing the equipment's life span.

·         Refrigerant: The refrigerant level should also be checked and recharged, if necessary. An incorrect refrigerant level will prevent the AC from cooling adequately and efficiently.

·         Adjustments: The blower components also need to be cleaned and adjusted to ensure your AC can provide adequate airflow. 

Fall Maintenance

Fall maintenance generally relates to the heating component of your HVAC system. While some fall maintenance tasks should also be done as part of a professional tune-up, you can make sure you're ready for the heating system by turning off the AC and covering it. You should also make sure combustible products are away from the furnace. Make sure all the registers are unobstructed as well. If your home has a humidifier, now is a good time to get it ready for the winter months. The carbon monoxide detector batteries should also be replaced when you're getting ready to use the furnace. Professionals will check the oil connections, heat exchanger, gas pressure, and burner combustion to make sure they're working properly and safely.

Other Typical Maintenance

There are other maintenance tasks you can do throughout the year to prolong the life of your HVAC system. As mentioned, check and replace filters regularly. This not only keeps the air cleaner, it helps reduce wear on your system as well. Check the thermostat settings to help keep energy use low. Be sure the condensate drain is clear as well since a blockage can cause serious problems over time.