6 Ways to Improve Your AC's Efficiency

Technician Performing Air Conditioning Service in Acworth If you live in Acworth, you’ve likely already run your AC at least once this month. Are you ready for the higher energy bills that come along with keeping your home cool? Here are 6 tips you can use that should help improve the efficiency of your AC unit.

Don’t Cool the Neighborhood

Remember when your parents said that every time you opened the door in the summertime? It turns out your parents were right. Cold air rushes outside when you open doors and windows. That means your unit must work overtime to maintain a cool temperature. Of course, you can go in and out. Just don’t leave doors open while you’re in cooling mode. Remind family members that all windows should remain closed as well. 

Set It and Forget It

Do you constantly adjust the settings on your thermostat? Constant adjusting can make your system run longer than necessary. It can also result in more frequent cycling. Neither of these make the temperature more comfortable. Find a reasonable temperature, set it, and leave it alone. Hint: Reasonable doesn’t always mean low. Excessively setting it at a low temperature only makes the system run longer than necessary.

Look for Leaks

Ensure you don’t have places where cool air can escape. This means going up to the attic and sealing any leaks. Also, look for gaps around windows and under doors. Air leaks result in poor efficiency. While you’re checking for air escape routes, make sure you don’t have visible leaks in ductwork. Check connection points between ductwork and supply and return vents.

Change the Filter

This is the easiest thing you can do to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning unit in Acworth. And it’s the one thing people forget! A dirty filter reduces airflow and makes your unit work harder. Change filters at least every 2-3 months. Some homeowners swap filters out more often depending on how much they use the AC.

Man Replacing Air Conditioning Filter in Acworth Let the Condensing Unit Breathe

Since the condenser sits outside, it’s easy to ignore it. Maximize efficiency by keeping at least 2 feet between the outside unit and anything that could obstruct airflow. Trim shrubs and grass back. If possible, shade the unit from the hot Georgia sun. Trees with high, spreading foliage planted on the south side of your home will provide plenty of shade for an AC unit. If you’re installing a new unit, ask if it can be placed on the north side of the house. The north side of a home normally gets more shade during the day as the sun moves.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

Finally, schedule yearly air conditioning maintenance. Routine service can catch issues before they turn into costly repairs. Your service technician will inspect the inside and outside units. They’ll clean the unit and test to make sure it’s running properly. Normally, maintenance also includes changing your filter.

Don’t let summer weather catch you off-guard. Call Shriver Mechanical today, and schedule an AC system check-up.