6 Air Conditioning Service Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

To keep your home cool on warm days, sometimes an air conditioner is the only thing that works. Because you can't always rely on the wind to ventilate your home, air conditioning in Acworth can be your best friend. After a very hot, stressful day, an air conditioned home can be a delightful refuge. Here are 6 easy tips than anyone can use to keep their A/C unit working dependably.    


To keep the air cool as it travels through the ducts of your hot attic, it's important to wrap them in insulation. There are different types of insulation. Your air conditioning expert can tell you which will work best for your ducts.


Filters are necessary to keep things from clogging up and to keep your air conditioning unit working smoothly. For both window and central units, filters should be replaced each month during the warm months of the year. Filters are rated by the "MERV" system (1-12), so the higher the number the better filtration it provides. Keep in mind, though, that higher rated filters require more energy to pull air through them.  

Air Leaks

Your duct work can account for up to 30% of air leakage. For window units, this number can be even higher. To seal up leaks in the ducts, use foil tape or duct mastic depending upon the size of the gaps. Foam can be used to seal the areas between a window unit and the frame. To find the leaks, a stick of incense can be used by seeing which areas of the duct blow the smoke around.

Reduce the Strain

It's helpful to make sure your air conditioning unit doesn't work harder than it has to. For example, keeping shades down and installing awnings where the sun beats in most can help reduce the strain on your air conditioning. Ceiling fans can also help reduce the strain by circulating the cool air your unit produces.

Encourage Airflow

Keep doors open within your home. This will encourage air flow and more effectively keep your home cool. Shutting off rooms just makes your unit work harder and works against keeping your home cool.

Maybe You Need an Upgrade

If your air conditioning is just not quite keeping your house cool, even though you've tried everything, a unit upgrade might be just the ticket.  

So be vigilant and keep ahead on maintenance by being aware of the foregoing items. Your air conditioner can last you a long time and keep your home in cool comfort for years to come if you treat it right. Experts with air conditioning in Acworth can help you with all of your air conditioning service and repair needs.