5 Key Considerations for Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor

One of the best ways to keep your heating and cooling system working properly is to make sure you have regular HVAC maintenance and recognize when there’s a problem that requires cooling or heating service in Cartersville, GA. That means that it’s important to have an HVAC contractor in mind that you can trust to do good work and charge a fair price. Here are 5 ways to make sure you find the best HVAC contractor in your area.

1.  Business Credentials

The first thing you need to look for is a contractor that’s actually qualified to work as a contractor. There are specific licenses an HVAC contractor must have to legally work in your area. In addition to having the basic licenses required to work, the contractor should also be able to show proof of liability insurance. This not only protects their employees if something should happen on the job, but it protects you from being responsible for any accidents that occur on your property as well. In addition to these basic qualifications, check for additional credentials like membership in professional organizations and accreditations with the Better Business Bureau.

2.  References

Along with having a good rating with the BBB, make sure to find a contractor with great references and customer reviews. Word-of-mouth reviews are valuable as well as reviews that you can find on the company’s website or on other consumer review websites. Checking out reviews and following up on references can help you get a good idea of the company’s work ethic, quality of the finished product, and the ability to satisfy customers.

3.  Applicable Experience and Services

You’ll also want to research what types of services the contractor offers. Some HVAC companies offer mainly AC or heating repairs and installation, while others provide more in-depth services for all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. For instance, if your home doesn’t currently have central air, you may need to find a contractor that offers ductless systems if your home can’t be retrofitted for ducts. Or if you have allergies or other conditions that would benefit from cleaner air, you may want to find a contractor that provides air cleaners and filters that will work well with your AC and heating system. Make sure the contractor can provide different services based on your needs.

4.  Clear Estimates

It’s also important to know exactly what services you’ll be getting and how much you’ll be charged. That means you need to find a contractor that provides transparency. Quotes and estimates for repairs and installation can vary widely between competitors; however, it’s difficult to compare these estimates if they’re confusing or unclear about what the scope of work and parts includes. Make sure the contractor provides a detailed, written estimate before contracting their services.

5.  Competitive Prices 

Make sure you consider numerous factors when comparing the prices of services among contractors. If one contractor is able to give you an estimate that’s much less than others are quoting, make sure you consider their customer service satisfaction rating. It’s not worth going with a less expensive contractor if you’ll be dissatisfied down the road from poor workmanship or sub-standard parts. In addition, remember that in some cases, it’s better to pay for a more energy-efficient unit and enjoy energy savings in the future rather than opting for the least expensive unit. To learn more about residential HVAC in Cartersville, GA, contact Shriver Mechanical, Inc. today.