5 Ways to Cool down Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Cooling costs account for a high percentage of your summer utility bills. In the summer, most homeowners see a large spike in their monthly utility spending, so it is helpful to know how to prevent your air conditioner from racking up high costs. Also, overusing your unit can lead to problems with your system, so you can end up spending more annually on air conditioning service in Cartersville if you don't work to lower your energy usage. These are 5 great ways to go easy on your AC and lower your cooling costs every month.


1.       Just A Few Degrees Higher - Just raising your thermostat setting a few degrees warmer can save you 18% on your monthly cooling costs. Turn on a ceiling fan instead of relying completely on your air conditioning unit to keep you cool.

2.       Keep Your Body Cool - A great deal of your heat responses come from inside your body, so addressing these issues can keep you nice and cool, even without AC. First of all, avoid sitting in direct sunlight indoors. You should also stay hydrated at all times. Dress in light clothing to keep your body relaxed, and use light bedding at night.

3.       Install a Programmable Thermostat - A thermostat can sharply lower your energy usage. You can program your thermostat to raise the temperature in the morning (when temperatures are lower) and raise even higher when you leave for the day. Then, the system can lower the temperature when you come back home in the evening. An AC technician can install an advanced, programmable thermostat in your home.

4.        Keep Sunlight Out - Sunlight can bake your home from the outside in. So, be sure to use window dressings or tinting to keep UV rays out of your house. Covering your windows will make your home much cooler, reducing about 45% of the structure's heat gain during the day, and will decrease the amount of energy your AC unit requires to reach the thermostat's target temperature.

5.       Hire Regular Maintenance - Regular air conditioning repair can help you maintain an efficient unit. AC units become less and less efficient every year you own it, so hiring an inspection and tune-up every summer ensures your unit is running smoothly. Investing in professional air conditioning service in Cartersville saves you money every month by making your AC system more efficient and responsive to the thermostat's settings. A clean and well-maintained machine will cost less to run--it’s as simple as that.