5 Spring Air Conditioning Tips

When it comes to spring cleaning, one of the most overlooked items in a home is the air conditioner. We think that the air conditioning unit should be treated with as much care, if not more, as any other item or appliance within the home. That’s why we have compiled this list of the 5 things a homeowner should do this spring to clean and prepare their air conditioner for summer.

Check Equipment and Refrigerant Level

The first thing we recommend doing is giving the air conditioner a once-over. Hiring a professional HVAC tech to come out and give the unit a tune-up is an excellent idea, as they can fix any problems and get the unit in good working order. A few things we recommend a homeowner do themselves is replace the air filter, check the thermostat, and make note of any parts of the air conditioning unit that seem to be broken or loose. The refrigerant level should also be checked to ensure the proper amount is present; if the levels aren’t just right, the air conditioner cannot run efficiently.

Clean Air Conditioning Coils

When the condenser or evaporator coils are dirty, the air conditioner cannot properly cool itself. This leaves a homeowner with higher energy bills as the unit has to work harder to keep the home cool. Coils can easily be cleaned by a professional during a tune-up to ensure they are free ofbuild up.

Lubricate Necessary Parts

We recommend making sure any parts of the air conditioner that move are properly lubricated. When unlubricated, these parts can cause damage to the system and prevent it from working efficiently, ultimately costing the homeowner more.

Clean Condensate Drain

Keeping the condensate drain clear of any clogs or debris is essential to keeping the entire air conditioning system working efficiently. We suggest checking these regularly, but especially prior to turning on the unit for the first time of the season. If a clog is discovered, it can easily be cleared using a toothpick or paperclip. A clogged condensate drain can result in a higher level of humidity within a home and even water damage.

Service Blower Components

The blower must be kept clear of dirt and dust to allow it to function more effectively. We recommend hiring a professional to service this part of the air conditioner. A clean blower will save you money on your energy bills.

When making a list of projects for spring cleaning this year, make sure to add the air conditioning unit to the list. Doing these 5 things will ensure the unit is ready for use when the warm weather arrives.