5 Signs You Need a Heating Replacement

As you switch from your air conditioning to your heater, you can be thankful that your home keeps you warm and protects you from the winter weather headed your way. But how can you be sure that it will work throughout the season? What should you watch for to help you know when it's time for a heating replacement? Shriver Mechanical offers these 5 signs that can help you know that it's time for a new heater:


Depending on the heater that you have, it should last about 10-15 years. Find out how old your heater is. If it's an older one, it might be time to replace it with a new and improved model.

Utility Bills

Keep an eye on your utility bills. If they have been slowly climbing through the years, it can tell you that your system isn't working as effectively as it used to work. Consider replacing your heater with one that has a high ENERGY STAR rating instead.

Ineffective Heating

Along with the utility bills, you can watch for signs of ineffective heating in your home. Is one area of your home getting warmer than other areas of your home? Is it taking longer to get your home to your desired temperature? If you're heater is working overtime to do its job, it might be a sign that it requires repair or a replacement.

Unusual Sounds

Generally speaking, you shouldn't be able to hear your heater too much. It should just be on in the background of the things going on in your home. If, all of a sudden, you start to notice it more and more, the equipment might be trying to tell you something. Whether you hear banging sounds, screeching sounds, or something totally different, you should have it checked.

Equipment Not Working

If you're heater keeps breaking down, you have a big decision on your hands: should you continue to repair it or is it time to get a new heater? Your heater should keep your house warm and your family comfortable.

If you start to notice these signs that a heating replacement may be the horizon for you, it's important to start looking for the right heater for your home. Do your research to find the best heater that you can get to keep your family warm and lower your monthly utility bills in the process.