5 HVAC Tips to Beat the Heat

Kennesaw is in one of the hottest regions in the country, meaning that air conditioning is a necessity if you plan on making it to the fall season. You have likely relied on air conditioning in your home, car, and office so far, but where the price tag and maintenance needs really count is in your home. So how do you beat the heat without busting the price to run it or breaking down the system? Residential HVAC service professionals like us know the best ways to care for and take advantage of your home cooling system. Here are our top 5 tips for beating the summer heat.

Turn to Fans for Extra Cooling Power

Your ceiling fans may not be the prettiest features in your home, but they can help your air conditioning system settle into a comfortable temperature. And unlike your A/C, the effects of turning on your fan can be felt instantly. Just be sure to turn off the fan before you leave a room.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is not just a symptom of your body overheating; it is also a cause. Hydrating your body helps keep it cool. Be sure to keep a glass of water handy everywhere you go in your home to encourage yourself to drink plenty of water.

Likewise, your A/C needs hydration too—in the form of coolant. Have an expert check your system for good coolant levels every summer.

Keep the Sun Out

Another way you are like your air conditioner is that you both experience stress and can be overworked by high levels of sunlight. Too much sun causes many health problems for you, so keep curtains and blinds closed during the day. Likewise, sunlight pouring through your windows heats the interior of your home, which forces your A/C to work harder to reach a comfortable temperature.

Schedule Away Settings

Protecting the life span of your HVAC system requires that you allow it to rest from time to time. For example, schedule your thermostat to raise temperatures when you are away during the day or asleep at night, when it naturally cools down. If you do not have a thermostat with the ability to create pre-set temperature settings, you should upgrade to one. Residential HVAC service in Kennesaw can include upgrades to your current system.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Your air conditioner relies on a series of complex systems in order to work properly, including external ventilation and ductwork. If any part of these processes fails or deteriorates, you can be left in dangerous indoor temperatures and nothing to do about it except call a professional. Before a breakdown occurs, schedule residential HVAC maintenance.

Residential HVAC service experts like us know how to beat the heat. We also know how to take care of your system if it's leaving you to bake indoors. Schedule any maintenance, repair, or checkup services you may need as soon as possible so that you and your family can rest in safe and comfortable temperatures until it is time for the furnace to take over.