4 Things to Look for when Choosing an HVAC Company

When your air conditioner or heater breaks down, you are going to need to find an HVAC company to service it. Unfortunately, the worst time to try to find a company is during an emergency, because you will often get stuck with the first available company regardless of price and quality of service. Choosing a company before you need an emergency service can be easy, especially since your HVAC system needs regularly scheduled maintenance. At Shriver Mechanical, Inc. in Marietta, we know that it pays to know your HVAC company before you have an emergency. Here are 4 tips to choosing the right HVAC service for you.

Wealth of Experience

When it comes to commercial HVAC repair, it is important for a company to have experience in repairs and maintenance. If a company typically only deals with residential systems or is new to the business, you may not be able to rely on its problem solving abilities for your business. An experienced company will have faced many different types of problems through the years, and that experience makes it easier to diagnose and fix whatever is ailing your system.

Licensing and Bonding

When it comes to residential HVAC service, you will want to make sure that company has the proper licensing and bonding for your area. Bonding and insurance are important for you because otherwise you might be held liable for any injuries that happen to HVAC employees while on your property. You might also be liable for any of the damage that the company may cause to your property, or worse, your neighbors' properties.

Check Out References

When you have narrowed your search down to a couple of companies for your commercial HVAC service, you will want to get a couple of references from each company. Check out these references as well as any online reviews to get a feel for the companies in question. You might also check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the companies have any unresolved complaints on file.

Get an Estimate

If you still have it narrowed down to 2 companies, ask each for a quote on the job at hand. The quote should be based on an on-site inspection not just on square footage. It should also be itemized so that you know what you are getting for the money and can compare similar quotes to each other rather than just going off of a big figure that may not include everything that you need. In the end, hiring an HVAC company in Marietta shouldn't be too difficult as long as you keep these tips in mind.