4 Reasons to Hire Professional HVAC Repair Services

Even the most confident do-it-yourselfer can feel a little inadequate when it comes to installing a new AC system, so the obvious solution is to call a professional for that job. But what many people fail to realize is that you can benefit from many other services that professionals in heating and cooling in Kennesaw can provide. Besides hiring a professional to install an AC system, here are 4 other reasons you may want to call HVAC professionals.


HVAC repair in Kennesaw often gets overlooked because many homeowners don't notice the signs that repair is necessary. Repairs are most often necessary at the beginning of the season. If you notice any unusual sounds or smells when your AC or furnace kicks on, you should call a professional to check out the system for possible problems. You may also need repairs if air flow is lower or if your home isn't able to stay at a consistent temperature. Pay attention to energy bills as well, because a change in energy usage can also indicate a problem.

Water Heaters

Many people overlook the fact that many HVAC professionals offer water heater services, including installation and service. If you're having trouble with your current water heater you should consider consulting an HVAC company for repairs. Tankless water heaters can also be installed by HVAC technicians. Tankless water heaters are popular because of their energy efficiency and on-demand, limitless hot water.

AC and Furnace Tune-Up

One of the best ways to prevent service calls for a broken furnace or AC is to make sure it's properly maintained and serviced by a professional. An AC tune-up should be performed in the spring to make sure the refrigerant levels are correct and that all the components are clean and working well. The furnace will also benefit from a tune-up in the fall before winter hits.

Air Quality Services

HVAC companies also provide valuable air quality services. Your ducts should be cleaned regularly to remove contaminants from your home, but you can further purify your air with HEPA filters and air cleaners. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers can also help improve your overall comfort in your home by keeping the air's humidity at an optimal level.