4 Common Air Conditioning Issues for Homeowners in Summer

When the summer heat waves are crawling over your rooftop, the worst thing that can happen is that your air conditioning system gives up on you. Hopefully that’s not something you face with your new air conditioning unit, but here are the top four air conditioning issues that hit in the summer time.

Finding the “On” Switch

All right, so it’s not the switch to your air conditioning unit that is the problem. Often times air conditioning units in the summer won’t turn on because there’s an issue with the thermostat being set to the wrong temperature or being defective. If adjusting the thermostat doesn’t make a difference, you may need to replace it.

Before you reach that point, check your breaker and make sure that the air conditioning system’s breaker is on, too. If it was flipped off, then fixing this issue is a matter of finding the switch.

Cool Isn’t Cool Enough

Maybe your air conditioning unit isn’t keeping your home as cool as you’re telling it to. This usually means that the air just isn’t flowing like it could be through your system. Clean out your filters, or change them out. If they’re clogged up, the debris in them is what’s slowing down that airflow. Also, check your outdoor unit to see if there’s anything blocking the fans near it. You don’t want anything within two feet of it or the air flow could be getting blocked up. If none of that helps, it’s time to call in a professional.

Weird Noises

Sure, there’s a gentle hum that can come with some air conditioning units. That’s normal. But if your system seems to make unusually strange noises when you start it up or shut it down, there might be something going on. It’s possible that a screw has gotten loose inside the fan system. It’s also possible that the blower is struggling to keep its head above water.

For these types of issues, because it involves getting tangled up in some of the electrical wiring of your unit, you’ll want to call in a professional to check it out for you and fix any bits that are in the wrong place.


Of course, air conditioning costs go up for everyone in the summer months because you’re actually using your system. That’s a given. But sometimes that cost can seem unusually high from one year to the next, or even one month to the next, without anything changing in electricity costs. This could be a servicing issue in your system that often occurs when you haven’t been using your unit in a while, and then suddenly crank it up to full blast in the summertime. You’ll want to get your unit a good checkup to prevent this at the beginning of each summer.

As you enjoy your new air conditioning unit, these are the things to keep an eye on. For any questions related to keeping your unit in good shape in Kennesaw, feel free to contact the experts at Shriver Mechanical, Inc.